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Rinx Performance Center

Rinx is proud to announce the addition of the RINX Performance Center aka the RINX PC. Located in between Rink 2 and 3, the RINX PC is a fully equipped 2000 square foot cross training facility. The RINX PC is perfectly set up for any combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning work. The space contains a wide variety of equipment for kids, boys/girls and adults that can be cross utilized depending on your fitness goals. The space includes a 14 foot rig with olympic barbells for squatting, bench pressing and dead lifting, free weights from 5lbs to 70 lbs, slam balls, plyo boxes, agility ladders, sleds, skipping ropes, pull up bars, hurdles and much more. The RINX PC is ideally suited for for individual, small group and team training.

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