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Laser Tag

Get in the Game. Play Lazer Tag.

There is no better place to play laser tag in Toronto than RINX.

Forget about video games and virtual reality simulators, and say hello to a one of a kind glow in the dark laser tag adventure! With your very own laser tag phaser and vest, you won’t just feel like a space hero, you get the chance to actually become one and battle your friends and family. RINX’s Laser Tag maze is over 3,000 sq ft. of UV reactive black-light murals, fun music and sound effects all designed to enhance your gaming experience. You are suited up in a modern, high tech laser tag vest and phaser that allows you to move with stealth and precision.

Players make their way through the course and the obstacles while trying to shoot their opponents, all while trying to avoid being hit themselves. This fast-paced game can be played in teams or as individual players, with digital scoring keeping track of all the fun.

Laser Tag is RINX’s #1 Seller for Kids Birthday Parties, Corporate Events & Adult Events.

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